About Me

Hi! I’m Marie,

I’m a 34 year old photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah who recently left the US to feed my travel urge and prove to myself that I can make travel a sustainable lifestyle. I’ve got this one life, and I want to spend it living in the moment, seeing as much of this crazy, amazing, beautiful world as I can. I want to show other people that they can do it, too! I used to have this bumper sticker on my car that said, “The meaning of life is to live it”. That bumper sticker is one of the things that led me to sell the car it was on and move to Mexico!

My insatiable wanderlust developed at an early age. My parents took my younger brothers and I all over the States on family vacations. I loved flying to new places, experiencing what life was like there for a few days, and seeing the sites. I moved to China to teach English in my early twenties, fell in love with the culture, and lived there for several years.

After China, I came back home, bought a house, got my photography degree, and found a great job. But over the years I was becoming more and more discontent. I felt trapped by my house and my things. I wanted to travel more, but I didn’t get a lot of vacation time from work.

Then I met Brian. I’ll get into how our partnership came about in a proper blog post later, but suffice it to say, Brian was the catalyst that really spurred me into turning my daydreams into reality. We always talked about traveling the world and the possibility of meeting up to travel together. I decided I couldn’t not do it. The worst that could really happen is I may fail and have to return home. I would have much more regret if I never tried.

So I began to shed… first my house, then some stuff, then my car, more stuff, clothes, furniture, electronics… until I all my remaining possessions fit on my back. Freedom! Now I spend my days exploring new places, learning Spanish, writing, taking photos, cooking, reading, and thinking about where I’d like to explore next.

Marie and Brian at Drinkeria
Marie and Brian at Drinkeria