Den Haag Scheveningen Pier Columns 2

Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

The second Dutch city I explored was The Hague, or Den Haag. A short hour-ish train ride from Amsterdam and you’re there. I love how small this city is, very walkable with lots of character, cafes, and museums! My old friend from Shanghai, Beth, moved there recently. I hadn’t seen her for eight years and was very excited to catch up. We met up for a bite at Eat Company, and then headed to an open air market I’d read about. We also visited the M.C. Escher Museum which was very cool! If you like English pubs, I recommend The Fiddler. They brew their own line of craft beers and have an enormous selection of other beers as well. I liked it so much, I visited every day I was here!

Den Haag Market Orange Den Haag Market Olives

Beth loves Cinnabon!Den Haag Market Beth Cinnabon Den Haag Market Tupac Sweats

Creepy mannequin baby…Den Haag Market Strange Baby

On my last day, I just had to visit Scheveningen Beach, and it turned out to be the perfect weather for it. Still cold and a little windy, but blue skies and no rain.  Den Haag Scheveningen Pier Den Haag Scheveningen Pier Columns Den Haag Scheveningen Pier Ferris Wheel 2 Den Haag Scheveningen Pier Ferris Wheel Den Haag Scheveningen Pier Beach Den Haag Scheveningen Pier Bungy Den Haag Scheveningen Beach Selfie Den Haag Scheveningen Colorful Columns Den Haag Scheveningen Beach Building

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