Redeye to NYC

The excitement of travel

Travel just wouldn’t be exciting without a jolt of stress and indecision beforehand… I was all set to leave for New York on a redeye to visit a friend, spend a few days exploring, and ultimately help him drive his rental car back to Salt Lake City with his adorable dog for the holidays. Three hours before departure as I’m packing my dad texts me in a panic, begging me not to go because there is a huge storm predicted for the midwest US. I tell him not to worry , we’ll be driving south of the storm. He insists, asking why my friend doesn’t just fly, and why I had to go and volunteer to do this in the first place. I tell him my ticket is non-refundable, and I’d hate to waste the money. He doesn’t want me to die. I text my friend and call my brother. What was so certain a moment ago has suddenly become the biggest decision of my life. I’m leaning more and more to not going, if only to appease my father. I give myself reasons why I shouldn’t … I’ll save money in the long run, 33 hours in a car may well be hell, it’s that time of the month which already sucks, oh yeah, and I might die, haha. Packing gets put on hold, I get some food and start googling the weather forecast. I’m not finding any helpful information, when it hits me… my dad doesn’t know that I’m planning to hang out in the city for three days before driving back! He only knows when I’m scheduled to fly out there. Well damn. I call him and ask him what he knows about the storm and tell him we’re not driving until Saturday. “Oh, well you’re going to miss it then. Have fun. Be safe.” D’oh! With 30 minutes left before I need to drive to the airport, I furiously pack my bags, excited for the week’s adventures to come!

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