cube houses Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

If I had to sum up Rotterdam in one phrase, it would be “City of Creative Architecture.” What Rotterdam lacks in classic European charm, it makes up for in innovative and creative structures that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. The city was almost completely destroyed in World War II and has since been rebuilt. If you take the metro to station Blaak, you will find the Cube Houses, or Kubuswoningen. For three euros, you can have a look inside one of them and bask in its original 1970s motif. cube houses Rotterdam

cube house window view Rotterdam cube house windowcube houses 2 RotterdamRotterdam colorful plants

This is a library if you can believe it!Rotterdam architecture

Just across the way from the Cube Houses, is this mammoth of an indoor market, Markthal. It was designed based on a rumor that the EU was going to ban outdoor markets. This never happened, but that didn’t stop the project from happening. After five years of construction, Markthal opened its doors in 2014. The outer horseshoe of Markthal is residential apartments and office spaces and has an amazing mural covering the entire inside walls and ceiling. The ground floor is filled with cafes and food stalls selling everything from sweets and donuts to cheese and vegetables. The lower level has a supermarket and under that is a three level parking garage! Rotterdam Markthal outside Rotterdam Markthal mural Rotterdam Markthal stall Rotterdam Markthal stall cheeses Rotterdam Markthal stall veggies Rotterdam Markthal stall drinks Rotterdam Markthal stall donuts Rotterdam Markthal stall tomatoes Rotterdam Markthal stall stroopwafels Rotterdam Markthal from above Rotterdam Markthal mural 2 Rotterdam Markthal beer

Maastunnel, the oldest car tunnel in the Netherlands, runs under the Nieuwe Maas. There are also separate paths for bikes and pedestrians. 

For more on my adventure in Rotterdam, as well as some helpful tips, check out the video below!

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