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Redeye to NYC

The excitement of travel

Travel just wouldn’t be exciting without a jolt of stress and indecision beforehand… I was all set to leave for New York on a redeye to visit a friend, spend a few days exploring, and ultimately help him drive his rental car back to Salt Lake City with his adorable dog for the holidays. Three hours before departure as I’m packing my dad texts me in a panic,  Continue reading The excitement of travel

road trip car window

Cross-country road trip in December: Why not?

When I saw my friend’s post on Facebook, “I’m planning a road trip from New York to Utah for the holidays, taking I-78 and the 70. Anyone ever do this? Am I nuts?”, I had already been looking for an excuse to visit New York City again. I playfully commented, “Want company?”, unsure if he’d take me up on my offer. I received a message an hour later, “It’s a long ass road trip.” The plan is Pittsburg, Colombus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, and finally Salt Lake City. The only city on the list I’ve been to before, besides Salt Lake of course, is Denver, so I was very interested. “Let’s do this!” Continue reading Cross-country road trip in December: Why not?

The Meaning of Life is to Live it!

the meaning of live is to live it!
“The meaning of life is to live it”. That bumper sticker is one of the things that led me to sell the car it was on and move to Mexico!

I still think about that phrase everyday, and others like it. There are loads of them. And loads of people who think about them as well. How did I get to be one of the lucky few who made it to “living the dream” status? Continue reading The Meaning of Life is to Live it!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu

This is my first step, and I’m excited to share my journey with you. I want this blog to be a history of the places I have seen, and a journal of all the places I have yet to visit. Growing up, I vacationed all around the United States with my family, which fostered my love for travel. I moved to China in my early twenties to teach English and was immersed in a completely foreign culture for several years. Having been back home from that experience for six years now, I am longing for another adventure. This time I plan to travel through several countries over a period of two years or more, working along the way. I am a photographer by trade, so that will be my main focus. Get ready for lots of photos and not so many words.